About Us

We hate love locks and the sheep who blindly pollute our environment with their pathetic little symbols of "love" that they feel is within their rights to hang wherever they please. Just like people who let their dog poo in the park and then just let it sit there, or like people who drop their cigarette butts wherever they feel, the whole love lock movement is a disgrace to humanity. Throwing keys into river, littering the streets with packaging, damaging historic structures, and turning lovely spots into eyesores is what these mealy mouthed fools do. Playing out some adolescent self-indulgent ceremony with the rest of the sheep. The herd mentality is demonstrated in force as these false romantics jump on the bandwagon and suddenly everyone is bringing their dog to poo in the park and everyone is throwing their cigarettes into the same place and making a mess and then these pathetic worms have the glee to post on Facebook and Instagram all their little pictures of standing among the locks as if it is some sort of symbol that their cherished love is eternal. The love lock makes nothing eternal, it's a momentary impulsive gesture that while the participants may soon forget the rest of us are forced to look at the rusting trash and plastic garbage hanging all over the city.

Love locks are cursed and every foolish person who attaches one in the name of love is cursed!

LoveLockCutters.com wants to arm the soldiers against the invasion of the refugee locks! Buy a portable love lock cutter and remove the locks wherever you may be! Cut off the lock of someone who has just attached it and throw it back at them with a scream and tell them to take their pathetic display somewhere else!

Idiots buy into the marketing and spend money engraving locks in tributes and in honor of loved ones. Suckers gladly buying into a trend is what they are. If it was fashionable and cool to cut off the heads of kittens and skewer their bodies on bridges than you can bet that there would be a million dead kittens all over bridges in Paris because the sheep will do whatever they are told. How crude and backwards that the need for attention has become so great that people would be oblivious to the fact that this is pollution! Haven't the kids been told of the need to save resources? Locks need to be manufacturered in China and making plastic locks and metal locks requires chemicals and oil and mining and deforestation and then they distribute millions of locks around the world and fools buyt them and throw the key into the water and leave the lock to rust and rot in public like as if it isn't doing any harm to the environment.

Stop the love locks by cutting them off, prank them with stink, burn them, crush them, shred them! That's what we're about!

Get yourself a love lock cutter and cut the feeble minded pathetic dreamers and let them have a taste of reality instead of their glamorous social media games. It took a brave determination to free the slaves in America and so we must free the world of the tyranny of love locks and the evil people who lock them around us. The purchasers of love locks, those who dare poison our world with their false idol worship, are no better than the evil purveyors of holocausts and genocides around the world. The zombie sheep and their love locks are piling masses of their dead souls into huge mass graves for the rest of us to look at!